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Typological database
This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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ABL UnnamedClick consonants4 or fewer clicksMADMac
AMZ AmazonClick consonants4 or fewer clicksAlcazar
ASJ KzarianClick consonants4 or fewer clicksKzarian
AWD MwendaniClick consonants4 or fewer clicksWolfofAnarchy
BLE NoobishClick consonants4 or fewer clicksImuybemovoko
BUK BokClick consonants4 or fewer clicksgalaxiaxies
DTA Language Of Harmonic ResonanceClick consonants4 or fewer clicksIamlove Wolf
ESA Eastern Standard AngalClick consonants4 or fewer clicksToastedash
FLR DraconicClick consonants4 or fewer clicksgalaxiaxies
GHO GhoulishClick consonants4 or fewer clickslithium
JUJ JurdicClick consonants4 or fewer clicksNekoOlives14
KAY KaithanClick consonants4 or fewer clicksSchuyler
KQR KeerClick consonants4 or fewer clicksávysso amygdalí
MNB UnnamedClick consonants4 or fewer clicksDratner
MWL MweleClick consonants4 or fewer clicksAlcazar
NGA UnnamedClick consonants4 or fewer clicksJohn Florence Rady
NLE Enterriso NecromancersClick consonants4 or fewer clicksArren e Sanne
OAI OraiClick consonants4 or fewer clicksSenseiSnapfel
ORK OrkishClick consonants4 or fewer clicksfractalshadow
OSN OnschenClick consonants4 or fewer clicksAhzoh
OYZ TushtækClick consonants4 or fewer clickstuštæk
PUT PeanutClick consonants4 or fewer clicksnadiarwendt
QUX UnnamedClick consonants4 or fewer clicksmalatesta
TYM TaymaramClick consonants4 or fewer clicksMarlowe Clark
UDL NailanClick consonants4 or fewer clicksYɔhLlɔmɔ
VDU VinduClick consonants4 or fewer clicksTechnocolor
VSS UnnamedClick consonants4 or fewer clicksOwlish
XVB VoidbroodClick consonants4 or fewer clickschaospunk666
199 GargaPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
A93 AûtaenPronoun persons1st person onlyJared J Fleming
BOT BotlangPronoun persons1st person onlyTinzin
JQA AuankoriPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
SSP EspanPronoun persons1st person onlyTinzin
UVN AlicksaPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
AKM 'AkomiSyllable structureSimple (CV)jwilling51
AMX Ame LanguageSyllable structureSimple (CV)NepgearPurpleSis
ASJ KzarianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Kzarian
ATC AtačatlaSyllable structureSimple (CV)AndyTheConlanger
AVI AvillerSyllable structureSimple (CV)FoxxDogg
BJC BejíanSyllable structureSimple (CV)jhstudios9
CAB KanbeSyllable structureSimple (CV)kanberu
CHM ChalamèSyllable structureSimple (CV)Nementor
FCP Ancient WunganSyllable structureSimple (CV)WolfofAnarchy
GSL Ship-ianSyllable structureSimple (CV)DragonOfWrite
HAE Old HaeladSyllable structureSimple (CV)Dagrkhaz
JJA JujaSyllable structureSimple (CV)Abracadabra
JNR UnnamedSyllable structureSimple (CV)Kedoia
KEI KéitoSyllable structureSimple (CV)DoctorAlpaca
KOI KoiSyllable structureSimple (CV)caribou
KQR KeerSyllable structureSimple (CV)ávysso amygdalí
KRT KyreteSyllable structureSimple (CV)SoaringMoon
KSI KansiSyllable structureSimple (CV)TuxCrafting
LOE Lorem IpsumSyllable structureSimple (CV)asdrop
LWK MillinesianSyllable structureSimple (CV)GohtCheee
MAO MamoanSyllable structureSimple (CV)Alcazar
MAV MavinianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Shilaja
MEH MehēlaSyllable structureSimple (CV)Tonic
MGO MargoroSyllable structureSimple (CV)VilikeMorgenthal
MMD MermaidishSyllable structureSimple (CV)NepgearPurpleSis
MWA Islander MauSyllable structureSimple (CV)aquincum
MWB Isky Ruttay PidginSyllable structureSimple (CV)aquincum
MWL MweleSyllable structureSimple (CV)Alcazar
MYA MuyanianSyllable structureSimple (CV)MaddyCat
NAG NagashaSyllable structureSimple (CV)xroooox
NBG NobiSyllable structureSimple (CV)eerD
NDX NdxiixunSyllable structureSimple (CV)protondonor
NGU NgutaneseSyllable structureSimple (CV)unleashy
NJP kotodachiSyllable structureSimple (CV)a swear word
NZU NafueroSyllable structureSimple (CV)Nana
OTV Old TasoSyllable structureSimple (CV)Eirdrien
PAW Pava'panaSyllable structureSimple (CV)jhstudios9
PGL PegerilæSyllable structureSimple (CV)ezfi
PGR Proto-Gobi-RaimakSyllable structureSimple (CV)Robyn Kolozsvari
PLQ PerleicSyllable structureSimple (CV)Maniaq
PLR Proto-Lintang-RaimakSyllable structureSimple (CV)Robyn Kolozsvari
RAA RanianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Pŕitaino
RIO AmoreseSyllable structureSimple (CV)Julgat
RKU IdenianSyllable structureSimple (CV)ChasetheRock
SBI Germanic PortugueseSyllable structureSimple (CV)Felipe Bastos Correa
TII TiianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Robyn Kolozsvari
TKJ TikojaSyllable structureSimple (CV)TuxCrafting
TOL Witches LanguageSyllable structureSimple (CV)Oscar Stierman
TV1 Proto-Taso-VenotienSyllable structureSimple (CV)Eirdrien
TWY ThawayanSyllable structureSimple (CV)birbs
UAN UaneseSyllable structureSimple (CV)dheovano
VED VenderianSyllable structureSimple (CV)DSAStein
VSL VishelSyllable structureSimple (CV)Valiiosanae
VTS MiudeengSyllable structureSimple (CV)kurenbensa
ZXY ZxySyllable structureSimple (CV)unleashy
ZYT ZythianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Nicbudd
AAG BagovPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessJralloms
ABB AbeaPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenesschachivavi
ACD AcadianPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessVT45
AEX AeolianPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessJohnathan McCann
AFE SafirennePast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessArnoldii
AGH AghidiPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessGazelle
AJZ AjericPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessJosetheidiot
AKG Akuriga, Proto-AkuriganPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessqwed117
AKM 'AkomiPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessjwilling51
AMT AmetdantarPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessMarlowe Clark
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