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Typological database
This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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AAKAN AakanClick releasesOnecemeteryghoul
ADRG Aura DrakarClick releasesOneEnarmonika
AEGSR Spider LangClick releasesOneCoffinConlang
AWD MwendaniClick releasesOneWolfofAnarchy
AYAN AyanClick releasesOnedaeuyi
AZP AzathotepClick releasesOnePerforma Classic
AZZAZ AzazisaClick releasesOnevybs
BEA ajawamuClick releasesOneoilucy
BVA BaharzaClick releasesOneR22
CHOZH HomeworldClick releasesOnecemeteryghoul
CHOZT TalloricClick releasesOnecemeteryghoul
CHOZZ ZebesianClick releasesOnecemeteryghoul
CTM CintemClick releasesOneAzazel
DCOIT DectorictClick releasesOneJackqueslack23
DMT DngmatnarClick releasesOnenixame
EGIGE GeroginClick releasesOneJackqueslack23
EKO KomureanClick releasesOnekoiramainen
EMF MerfolkClick releasesOnelbrowning
FEL FelineseClick releasesOneKawa
FSHH SahtiClick releasesOnesecretlyawizard
GERT TlunClick releasesOneIntrexxt
GQW ThagqweClick releasesOnedendana
IGY IngiyabClick releasesOneManiaq
JSEK JsekClick releasesOneFestus
KERK KerkkianClick releasesOneYɔhLlɔmɔ
KIRTY KirtishClick releasesOneZorrozo135
KKT KkongClick releasesOneFran
KVP Proto-Kalsak-ValianClick releasesOneZaListios
KYHMA TunnelspeakClick releasesOneZerofi
LKI LikisaniClick releasesOneserafimludenberg
LOT askeopClick releasesOneasdrop
MBC UnnamedClick releasesOneMiles Christian
MMB Ka'athaClick releasesOnesaltycinnabun
MPPO MpiponClick releasesOne26mgrunwald
NCJ NecklangClick releasesOneFestus
NPP PnapaicClick releasesOneDingusKhan35
NUS ÊausónClick releasesOneAzazel
OOA AgreanClick releasesOneEtrogon33
OTU KotsuClick releasesOneThe Ghosts
OUL TahichasianClick releasesOneoilucy
OWO OwonClick releasesOnesevertzi
PBY Proto-AbyssalClick releasesOnefractalshadow
PDX ParadoxianClick releasesOneLuigicat11
PETRI EthjiClick releasesOnePetrichor
PGA Proto-AngaClick releasesOneAarnut
QAO Qa TomoClick releasesOneÖk
QHI QuipClick releasesOnePoshKraken
QWHDN KimutsitlanClick releasesOneJ Caleb Helms
SFGNJ achakanClick releasesOnenachaca
SMB FengatiClick releasesOneDingusKhan35
SPG Proto-KulikClick releasesOneJosetheidiot
SXA AstrixianClick releasesOneomegaStag
SZDRG Lizard LangClick releasesOneCoffinConlang
TEKO Teko LangClick releasesOneOctagon
TERIS TerrisinianClick releasesOneimawaffle1
TSTLG SaiakuClick releasesOnePatchMixolydic
TULU TuluruClick releasesOneKazZBodnar
UCKIM UshkeemClick releasesOneMitch
UGL UngwaClick releasesOneBackyard Faerie
UGT UgathiClick releasesOneUsername101
UYAKK UyakkaClick releasesOnelbrowning
VSA VosliaClick releasesOneVossie
VXR VäxáraiClick releasesOneCamera244
WRI Sacred EarthClick releasesOnemoonstone
XAT WubbernishClick releasesOneSneakystorm
XJL XaçeyulClick releasesOneAlexio
YHE YherchianClick releasesOneZunXsenHin
YOK yokraogianClick releasesOneAnuj Mishra
YUH YuttehClick releasesOneJACKERS228
YWS TorassiClick releasesOnesuicey
ZPH AeweliClick releasesOneZxhandir
ZUZ Zu'uClick releasesOneEmma J Wood
199 GargaPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
A93 AûtaenPronoun persons1st person onlyJared J Fleming
BOF Ovis AriesianPronoun persons1st person onlyTetthinkirl
BOT BotlangPronoun persons1st person onlyTinzin
EPM PalesmenianPronoun persons1st person onlyAleksi
JQA AuankoriPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
KAEL The AncientPronoun persons1st person onlyOlórin
NOB NorganPronoun persons1st person onlycoppit
RAVEN BirblangPronoun persons1st person onlybirbs
UVN AlicksaPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
199 GargaSyllable structureSimple (CV)asdrop
AAA AaaaaaSyllable structureSimple (CV)soup
AAAAG AAAAASyllable structureSimple (CV)HEUGH
AAJI AajìnSyllable structureSimple (CV)DOA333
AAQ KamaliSyllable structureSimple (CV)Kjerin
AASHR Ancient AsharSyllable structureSimple (CV)Rydon
ABDEG KoutsoSyllable structureSimple (CV)marianastrench
ACT YenaganSyllable structureSimple (CV)Pyxel
ADDIE Sanguine RythulianSyllable structureSimple (CV)MEINsweeze
ADRN AdarianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Martinawa
AFACU Bees LanguageSyllable structureSimple (CV)PSZCZOŁA
AFBA Proto-MitaeSyllable structureSimple (CV)HexedADecimal
AGAL AgalatianSyllable structureSimple (CV)morganicfoods
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