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Queen Aharfa Njarvepai
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A profile of the Oðorian Queen
This public article was written by Pyxel, and last updated on 6 Oct 2019, 15:09.

Daish (Queen) of Oðoria

daish ti uðrāna

Name: Aharfa Njarvepai
Name Meaning: Purple Sweet/Sugar
Species: Igrefan (Humanoid)
Title: Daish (Queen)
Age: Currently, at 38AN, 20 Years old
Life: 28 - 76 (Died 38 years old)
Skin Colour: Brown
Facial Features: Pink and Green eyes, a claw scar on ðe left side of her face.
Eye Colour: Pink and Green
Hair: Long, Brown and Braided
Apparel: Wears tough purple armour wið many Wobi pins, many expensive bracelets
Physical Description: Healthy
Biological Sex: Female
Likes: Uraharf, Money, Power, Gold, Purple
Dislikes: Most Food, Traitors, Evil, Her Enemies, Bad Manners
Birthplace: Beronara
Gender Identity: Doesn't Matter, She/Her
Physical quirks: Right Handed, Left Legged, Walks like she owns ðe place
Traits: Philosophical, Decisive, Wise, Strategic, Over-Confident, Violent
Virtues & Personality perks: Quick to act, Stealthy, Charismatic
Vices & Personality flaws: Easily Enraged, Violent, Decisive, Loving
Hygiene: Doesn't wash enough, but gets by.
Social Aptitude: Very Charismatic, Self-Centric, Passive-Aggressive
Mannerisms: Moves her hands a lot and makes motions of whatever she is talking about.
Speech: Has a very smooth voice, Her "T"s are very noticable and emphasised.
Wealth: She is very rich, as she is ðe Daish of Oðoria. Whenever she leaves her palace she gets money thrown at her, since she is very liked in most parts of Oðoria.
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