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Lesson #2
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This public article was written by Pyxel, and last updated on 13 Oct 2019, 13:53.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Numbers in Othorian are a base 20 system (vigecimal)

Zero: Jefam
One: Ade
Two: Bāʃ
Three: Deg
Four: Ugði
Five: Ewa
Six: Hem
Seven: Imā
Eight: Ajam
Nine: Aŋā
Ten: Isnɑ
Eleven: ɑru
Twelve: Rinj
Thirteen: njār
Fourteen: But
Fifteen: Barð
Sixteen: ɑgɑ
Seventeen: Rog
Eighteen: Ðin
Nineteen: Iʒo

Twenty: Ʒev

Twenty One: Ʒeviade
Twenty Two: Ʒevibāʃ
Twenty Three: Ʒevideg
Twenty Four: Ʒeviugði
Twenty Five: Ʒeviewa
Twenty Six: Ʒevihem
Twenty Seven: Ʒevimā
Twenty Eight: Ʒeviajam
Twenty Nine: Ʒeviaŋā
Thirty: Ʒevisnɑ
Thirty One: Ʒeviɑru
Thirty Two: Ʒevirinj
Thirty Three: Ʒevinjār
Thirty Four: Ʒevibut
Thirty Five: Ʒevibarð
Thirty Six: Ʒeviɑgɑ
Thirty Seven: Ʒevirog
Thirty Eight: Ʒeviðin
Thirty Nine: Ʒeviʒo

Fourty: Bār

Fourty One: Bāriade
Fourty Two: Bāribāʃ
Fourty Three: Bārideg
Fourty Four: Bāriugði
Fourty Five: Bāriewa
Fourty Six: Bārihem
Fourty Seven: Bārimā
Fourty Eight: Bāriajam
Fourty Nine: Bāriaŋā
Fifty: Bārisnar
Fifty One: Bāriɑru
Fifty Two: Bāririnj
Fifty Three: Bārinjār
Fifty Four: Bāribut
Fifty Five: Bāribarð
Fifty Six: Bāriɑgɑ
Fifty Seven: Bārirog
Fifty Eight: Bāriðin
Fifty Nine: Bāriʒo
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