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Murry purry versus deadpan
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How a felin comes on to you
This public article was written by Kawa, and last updated on 26 Sep 2015, 19:12. Editing of this article is shared with Felin Space Council.

[comments] In the felin language, most statements can be considered rather deadpan or blunt when spoken. The felin, being cats, have the ability to purr, which they use to provide subtext to the things they say. Thus, "I'd like to wake up next to you" as-is would indicate a desire to basically do exactly that, with no further implications, whereas that exact same statement in exactly the same tone would indicate a wish to wake up after a night of lovemaking if the speaker were to purr while saying it.

How this distinction is supposed to be written is left undetermined for now, and humans would naturally be incapable of simultaneously speaking and purring.
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Comments (2)
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Felin Space Council
For those interested in trappy space cats.
Not quite phonation if I understand it correctly. It's literally two sounds at once; the speech and the purr. Like Tuvan throat singing but not.
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For people who like making folklore/folktales/etc. for concultures
So purring is a phonation type? Humans have phonation types too. You could use one of those, or strident vowels, which is probably pretty close to speaking while purring.
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