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Origins of Beronara; The Capital of Othoria
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The history of Beronara, the capital of Othoria
This public article was written by Pyxel, and last updated on 13 Oct 2019, 13:03.

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This city was founded in 432 FN when a group of wealthy merchants and settlers set up camp around the river Terfez. Many wanders came to the camp to buy and sell goods, and eventually people started building houses there. As stealing became abundant, the settlers decided to create a monarchy and guard in 245 FN.

The logical choice of leader would be the wealthy Dardaish Gessefi, aged 21, a relative of the first merchant who came there. And so, Dardaish commanded the settlers to build a big castle, atop a hill. The castle was finally built in 217 FN, and as Dardaish was impatient, he already had a room in the castle, ever since it was vaguely habitable. Once the castle was finally built, Dardaish had become aged 49. He knew he only had about a decade to live, so he decided to party and died at the age of 57.

efa hɑdna hāʒe nɑianesi apa 432 fn wesi ʒ oʃɑ ti njiab njiɑti i ɑtersi ɑfi ejo ahɑn ɑmɑdon efe ʒɑn terfes. oʃā njaʃɑte efe ahɑn enesi don ti adi njɑp i njef, i ehieðe ɑti nɑagesi dɑgɑat itijʒeinɑb bɑteaʒ. ða iʃɑb otoʒig nɑagesi, efe ɑtersi ʒ daiʃna i neʒatɑ ɑʃaddɑesi ti inji apa 245 fn.

efe daʃ aʃad ti daiʃ assɑ efe njiab dɑdaiʃ gessefi, aŋ 21, na, ʒ eʒɑte ɑbe enesi ti efe ɑf njiɑte bɑteaʒi eʒ, dɑdaiʃ efe ɑtersi gāŋesi ʒ avʃɑran bdɑ ʒ dɑvan ti itijʒein. efe ʃɑran hāʒe ehieðe gāŋesi apa 217 fn, i ða dɑdaiʃ njirhɑh hāʒe, pad agiʒ ʒ isiŋ apa efe ʃɑran ap, hāʒesi hāŋ ʃab ɑdasa hāʒe. adab efe ʃɑran ehieðe itijɑb hāʒe, dɑdaiʃ 49 aŋesi nɑagesi hāʒe. pad adeab tewi ʒ isnɑvā ti ɑdesi apesi ɑpɑesi, eʒ pad ti adeɑgna aʃadesi i apa efe aŋ ti 57 ɑgfamesi.
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