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Adjectives in Felinese
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A quick word on adjectiving the noun.
This public article was written by [Deactivated User] on 26 Sep 2015, 19:11. Editing of this article is shared with Felin Space Council.

[comments] There are two kinds of adjectives in Felinese: modified and pure.

A modified adjective is a noun with an -aw suffix added to it, such as fuifuaw, "wooden". Most any noun can be turned into an adjective, or something like one -- sieraw could be taken to mean "Cier-like". (The mountain and/or game company would be siera.)

A pure adjective has no such suffix, like mruv, "high", or dralea, "medical". They cannot be nouned by removing the -aw, since they have none.
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