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Reformed Anglish [DHE]
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Reformed Anglish
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 9 July 2017
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Reformed Anglish An attempt at expanding, modifying, and standardising the Old English language into something different, beautiful, and functional.
I have attempted to make an "average" of all of the major dialects, rather than favouring the late Wessex dialect, which is the one most commonly seen in texts, reconstructions and such. I have tried to re-instate some of the older features of the language, such as the unstable ie dipthong of early West Saxon, as well as the œ phoneme that was present in Northumbrian and Mercian dialects, but absent in the south.
I have also made the distinction between þ and ð, as there is in Old Norse. I have also swapped out the commonly-seen macrons for acute accents instead, as I personally find them more aesthetically pleasing. I will also use the ɬ phoneme for the voiceless l sound, as in Modern Icelandic, as well as make use of the tapped ɾ, as is present in many Modern English (meaning from England) dialects. I have made this choice in part based on personal preference, as they are some of my favourite sounds - though, that being said, it is completely possible that these phonemes were in fact used at some stage of Old English.
I intend to restore a complete instrumental case, as well as attempt to reconstruct the locative case, which was present in the Northumbrian dialect, and is unique among Germanic languages. Re-creating the full spectrum of verb forms that were found in Proto-Germanic is again going to be something I will try to achieve.
Overall, this re-imagined incarnation of Old English should be clearly very similar, or at least obviously related to the original source language, but on closer inspection, should have a little more flavour in terms of inflection, vocabulary, and phonemic diversity, as well as being more predictable in terms of spelling (unlike historical OE, where words from different texts are in different stages of evolution, coming from different scribes, speaking different dialects).
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